Pittsfield Public Library
Pittsfield, Maine

Designed by Albert Randolph Ross of New York

Beaux Arts Style

89 South Main Street, Pittsfield, Maine  04967

Library web site: http://www.pittsfield.lib.me.us

A Brief History of the Building

1903:  A $10,000 grant from Andrew Carnegie was accepted.

1903-04: The library was built.  A Civil War monument was erected to coincide with the opening of the library.

1983:  A mural was painted on the dome by Maine humorist Tim Sample, titled “Reading, the Gateway to Adventure.”

 Note:  Albert Randolph Ross re-used this building plan when he designed the public library for Warsaw, New York, two years after the Pittsfield Public Library was built.

This building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

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