Derby Neck Library
Derby, Connecticut

Designed by Henry Killam Murphy

Classical Revival Style

307 Hawthorne Avenue, Derby CT  06418

Library web site:

A Brief History of the Building

1906:  Major Wilbur Fisk Osborne, founder of the library, obtained $3,400 from Andrew Carnegie to build the library.  Osborne died before the building was completed.

1907:  The library opened on January 5.  Osborne's daughter, Frances Osborne Kellogg, directed the library until her death in 1956.

1972:  The Hawthorne School next door was demolished so that the library could be enlarged.  Daniel Antinozzi Associates designed the addition.

1999-2002:  The library was again renovated and expanded with plans by George Buchanan Associates.

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  Information and original postcard were supplied by the Derby Neck Library.

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