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New England Carnegies

A site that honors the libraries that Andrew Carnegie helped to fund

Derby Neck Library

Derby, Connecticut

Designed by Henry Killam Murphy

Classical Revival Style

307 Hawthorne Avenue, Derby CT  06418

Library web site:

A Brief History of the Building

1906:  Major Wilbur Fisk Osborne, founder of the library, obtained $3,400 from Andrew Carnegie to build the library.  Osborne died before the building was completed.

1907:  The library opened on January 5.  Osborne's daughter, Frances Osborne Kellogg, directed the library until her death in 1956.

1972:  The Hawthorne School next door was demolished so that the library could be enlarged.  Daniel Antinozzi Associates designed the addition.

1999-2002:  The library was again renovated and expanded with plans by George Buchanan Associates.

2005 photos


Information and original postcard were supplied by the Derby Neck Library.